Excell Physiotherapy has been operating in the East Brisbane region for more than 15 years.

We have a long history of supporting sporting excellence in the local community. We support schools, sports clubs, individuals, and local families, and work collaboratively with other medical practitioners, specialists and coaches.

We exist to help active people and cohorts in our local community fulfil their athletic potential and ultimately lead healthy, injury free lifestyles.

  1. Integrity – We are consistently honest, open, unbiased, genuine, and dependable. People trust us and come to us for solutions and education – we take this trust very seriously.
  2. Community & customer focused – Our customers’ needs and wellbeing are at the forefront of everything we do.
  3. Utmost quality – We deliver the highest quality services. We strive to attract staff who are at the top of their game and we invest in their ongoing professional development.
  4. Find the fun – We strive to make the recuperative process a positive and enjoyable one and not a chore.
  • We only offer services that have been proven to assist in recovery from injury, and employ highly capable clinicians.
  • Not only do we use the same equipment and techniques on you as we do the professional sportsperson, but we use the same tried and tested protocols.
  • We are located in a commercial gym with access to a swimming pool, weights and cardio equipment.
  • We are aligned with a number of local sports clubs and use their facilities for outdoor running and rehabilitation sessions.
  • Our network of reputable Doctors, Surgeons, Radiologists and Trainers etc. are no further than a phone call away for appropriate referral or troubleshooting.
  • We work closely with Hands4Health massage therapy, who operate out of our premises.

To the best of our ability we aim to get you back to health and function in the quickest possible time frame.

The journey to health generally goes through 3 phases; recovery, rehabilitation and reconditioning.

Our clinicians have wealth of clinical experience that enables them to recognise pathology and understand its effects on the body. 

The application of manual therapy and other strategies to reduce pain, reduce swelling and improve range of motion is critical leading into the ‘rehabilitation’ phase.

Along with treatment, rehabilitation includes the delivery and monitoring of exercise protocols and the development of programs that restore the components of fitness to pre-injury level.

Our clinicians adopt a philosophy of facilitation and education, promoting a level of understanding and independence in the rehab process. This enables our clients to be more effective with their exercises, improve their body awareness and also empower them to self manage future episodes.

Reconditioning involves the development of advanced programs for optimizing performance for return to sport or the workplace.

The intention is to improve the body’s tolerance to the specific conditions imposed upon it and ultimately reduced injury incidence. Ideally, physiotherapy intervention concludes at a point when you attain a level of function and fitness that is better than your pre-injury level, although we do concede that for some conditions and injuries, this is not always feasible.

Let us help you live your best life – one free from injury concern.

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