Clinical exercise therapy is used in conjunction with manual treatment for clients that require more specific strength, neuromuscular and proprioception training.

We have a fully equipped Pilates inspired studio suitable for the delivery of private and small group therapeutic exercise sessions. These exercises are specifically tailored, supervised correctives that address concerns raised through assessment.

A 1 hour thorough functional movement assessment is required to identify issues, design the initial program and establish functional goals.

Rehabilitation of this nature includes:

  • Low load postural holding exercises to improve the stability and control of body segments
  • Promoting efficient and a more conscious awareness of movement
  • Effective breath patterning, coordination and finely tuned motor patterning
  • Goal setting for the short and long term to promote injury recovery
  • All exercise programs utilise a combination of mat work and equipment based exercises, including use of the reformer and stability chair. We record with outcome measures each session so that we can monitor your progress and measure you recovery.
  • Our understanding of injury as well as the relatively low intensity of the exercise often allows you to commence this type of program early in your rehabilitation.
  • Your Studio Rehab sessions are 100% supervised and are claimable on your private health cover.
  • Classes will also be available for those who are interested in being in more of a group setting.

The therapeutic effects of exercise usually take some weeks to develop. Most clients would train 1-2 times per week with physical reviews after 4, 6 or 8 week intervals to ensure results are being achieved.

Want a supervised low impact exercise program to improve your form and function?

We have tailored, pilates inspired, physio designed and delivered sessions to help you restore your strength, stability and motor control.

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